Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Carol's got her groove back!

I was in a hand quilting slump for awhile. I was having problems handquilting Black Cats Staring. I wasn't even enjoying the process. So then I took up my Delft Baskets piece to get back in the groove; even then it wasn't going well...what is the problem? I ditched the frame... I like that the frame keeps the fabric fairly taut, but what a pain to manipulate around...I finally said forget it! and all was well in the world again! I got my groove back!

I decided to quilt around the baskets instead of in the sashing because it is hard to keep a straight line against the plaid. You have a tendency to follow the stripes, but if your stripes don't line up perfectly, then you go off course. My stitches are not even, but I was improving by the end!

Anyway, I am back to quilting Black Cats Staring, and I am almost done. I have been handquilting and watching/listening to Margaret's vlogs on handquilting (see previous post). I highly recommend them!

On a funnier note, the next pic is me attempting Yoga from a book...I don't like to join classes where I exercise with other people, quilting is fine, exercising, NO! This is my favourite pose: the Corpse pose! heheheh. See, Suske likes to do Yoga too! I think she is better at it than me! She is particularly good at the Cat pose, too!

PS. Happy Canada Day!

Ok, 1 more thing, on extreme environmentalism from the late George Carlin


Finn said...

The basket quilt is awesome, and I think you stitches look quite even. I find that mine get better as I quilt. It seems that laying quilting aside for a bit means we have to 'sort of' relearn the rhythm.
Love the yoga pose...especially Suskas. My Ebby is perfecting that same position. She could be a twin to Suske, but her white bikini has a top..shes quite provincial it seems. Thanks for stopping by Pieces, Hugs, Finn

Vicki W said...

A cat that does ygao poses - awesome! That's a great picture. Maybe you and the cat could try yoga videos.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Is the basket quilt done? it looks it - woohoo. very cute. do I understand you correctly that you ditched the hoop? you're now quilting hooplessly? if so, another woohoo for that. Sorry Black Cats is making you cranky with the stitching - hope that changes and you get excited about it soon. maybe as we get closer to Halloween. cute photo of you and your kitty doing yoga together. and oh, yes, I'm now watching Margaret's vlog. I'm on about #12 of the superhero quilt. I didn't even know there were quilt vlogs out there, so thanks for the tip.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

I love the basket quilt.
The Superman one is right up a comic book lady's allet as well...my family would have loved that job!
The tree with the cats looks really great, but yeah, that sewing down!! Tracey

Clare said...

I know exactly what you mean about getting back into the rhythm. I picked up my Ab Fab quilt again last night and couldn't for the life of me remember how I did it. Still not quite right, but better.

Magic is very good at cat yoga, especially if it means practising on a pile of fabric.