Tuesday, October 14, 2008

BIQR 2008 part 3: Meet and Greet

On Wednesday evening, we all got together for pizza in the wicker room for our Meet and Greet. Everyone was asked to bring something for show and tell to introduce ourselves to the group. Since many of the attendees had been to past retreats, many of them brought stuff they had worked on at those retreats. I am not going to show you all the wonderful quilts shown, but focus instead on those from the Liberated Basket retreat, since there were a fair number of them.

I finally got to meet MJ in Michigan in person, I had met her in Lazy Gal's First Ever On-Line Class. She took what she practiced there and applied to Gwen's Liberated Baskets and came up with this beauty:

Joyce insisted she had failed liberated baskets and when she got home she took hers apart and created this lovely folk art piece dedicated to her grandson. Her grandson is blind and says frequently, "Can you hear the birds?"

Joanne's liberated baskets:

If I remember the story correctly, Sylvia had quite a few of these large basket blocks and didn't know what to do with them. Gwen's retreat inspired this arrangement, front:


more Liberated baskets:

OK, the next one wasn't from a Gwen retreat, but you know how I like quilts and things made from t-shirts and it does contain some liberated piecing...This one was made for a husband out of his racing t-shirts, and do you know what his reaction was? " Don't you know, hon, you can't mix Formula One and Nascar!"

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Bridget said...

I just found you by way of Lazygal. I am excited to see your Beaver Island pics for two reasons: my hubby's ancestors settled there and more importantly (to me) I hope to go on the quilt retreat there sometime. This March I will attend a Freddy/Glen retreat in California and look forward to it!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

so much fun to meet everyone and see their quilts. Just wish we could see your and your quilt too! Loved the reaction about mixing Nascar and Formula One - typical guy.

ROZ said...

This is really inspiring. Just shows how original you can get with a basket quilt.

Clare said...

I love the way Tonya's letters are slowly but surely finding their way into Gwen inspired quilts. Two great ladies who think the same way.

Are we going to see your work?

Lynda said...

Thankyou for sharing all these fabulous basket quilts. They are all so different, and all lovely. The only snag is, they make me want to make a liberated basket quilt of my own, and I must be good and get on with some of my UFOs!