Friday, October 24, 2008

BIQR: Final Show and Tell

On the last day, we had a show and tell of all our work. It was very hard for me not to include everyone's it is I limited it to 14 (sheesh). Many people accomplished more than one piece, but hopefully this is representative.

Christy, below, is proud of her liberated flower, she spent a lot of time on other projects, but on the last day spent time on this beauty! She had a lovely machine that did embroidery, too. She designs her own patterns. She designed a really neat Beaver Island Retreat pattern, and put them on t-shirts (as seen below) as a surprise for sister-and-mother-in-laws, with whom she attended the retreat.
Not everyone made liberated patterns, a few took store bought patterns and used solids with stunning results. The following is a Maple Island BQ Quilt pattern.

I am not sure of the pattern name but, if I remember correctly, it came from a magazine and the sample used Kaffe Fassett fabrics, so imagine the difference with this one!
Next, Cathy's liberated stars with liberated sawtooth borders:

Cathy's abstract piece:

Allyn used a lot of Cherrywood fabrics:

This was her amazing left over quilt:

Christine and I made postcards:


Rita's bars look like stained glass against the window:


Joyce's quilt dedicated to her dog Flash:

Christine's completed red squares:

Next post: It's a wrap!

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Lazy Gal Tonya said...

So fun to see what everyone came up with. Gwen's an awfully good sport to let someone bring a pattern to use - I think I'd have been cranky about that. I love that Red Squares Christine made - gorgeous.