Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back from Vacation!

Sorry I haven't posted for awhile. My husband and I were staying at a friend's cottage on Oxtongue Lake, near Algonquin Park. It was beautiful, peaceful and very relaxing!

We went one day into Huntsville and I stopped into Quilted Dreams, where I met Sue Chinn for the first time. My friend actually took up my bed quilt to have it machine quilted by Sue. She did an amazing job! Kudos to Sue! So it was nice to meet her face to face. She has a photo collage of all the quilts she's quilted, and mine was there too! While I was there I picked up a new pattern by Mckenna Ryan, "Dora", one of the Morning Mews series. www.pineneedles.com With apologies, I think I might turn "Dora" into "Suske", if I can find the right fabrics.

When I got home I received my London Friendship Quilters Guild newsletter. It's time to start a new year at the guild! I wrote an article for the newsletter about quilt blogs. We're having a quilt show October 27 & 28 at the Rowntree Memorial Church in London. I have a few quilts going in for the first time. I am kind of excited. Also I have news that my cousin from Holland will be visiting for a week around that time, so I hope she can see my stuff in the show as well.

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