Thursday, September 28, 2006

Real Life Interferes with Quilting

Well the Spike quilt is all basted and ready to be quilted. I am thinking about trying out Lazy Gal's free fan method of hand quilting on this. I am really intrigued by it. I like the idea of using colourful embroidery floss. It seems right somehow. I don't have a fancy sewing machine to do machine quilting, so if I have to hand quilt this might suit me. But then I was on Fibermania and Melody's ode to the ginko tree had me weeping, it was so beautiful to me. The colours! She machine quilted around the leaves but hand quilted these simple circles and it was quite now I'm thinking maybe less is more.

I must stare at the quilt some more. I am at that point where I just look at it and look at it trying to imagine what it would look like finished. Then I go to bed and think about it some more. I am not a plunge right in kind of person. I look before I leap, I think about it too much!!!aaak!

You know when I can't make a decision, it's because I've had a bad day at work. I had to confront some punk kid and tell him to leave my store. He's a known thief, he's stolen from us and other stores and has been banned from the store. But he had the bloody nerve to come back. grrrrr. He thinks because he shaved his beard we wouldn't recognize him, but, you know, if you're going to be a thief perhaps tattooing your body might not be such a good idea! They call them identifying characteristics for a reason. The first time we talked to the police about them (there was a pair of them, then) all we had to do was describe the tattoos and the police gave us their names. So I went up to punk kid and asked is your name so and so or so and so and he said yeah I'm so and so ( is this who they were thinking when they made up the Darwin awards?) Well I said I am asking you to leave my store and not come back and then he has the nerve to ask why? I told him, but does he think we're stupid? It's a good thing my anger is stronger than my fear when it comes to confronting these individuals, because I'm sure his rap sheet includes assault, but after I was shaking. Grrr I hate shoplifters!

OK, I've vented. I feel a little better. It's time to watch some Lost (we're re-watching season 2) and relax :)

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