Friday, September 15, 2006

Brain Freeze!

Holy brain freeze, Batman! We just had our first LFQG meeting of the year! It was great, I needed that. I just had a crappy day at work and it was so nice to plunge into quiltness! But what an overload of inspiration. Not only did we have our usual show and tell (what great works ladies and gent! :) Our speaker, Brenda Miller, presented her trunk show. I think I OD'd on that even possible? I think I was a little too tired! Afterwards, I felt like I could never make anything as good as any I had seen.

I have been searching the net looking for other blogs to read and I am coming across this blog ring thing. It looks like the best way to get comments to your blog is to join one, but they seem a little elitist. It's nice that they have rules of conduct but some are almost intimidating, but I did find some blogs I will continue to keep my eye on... I even went as far as commenting on one....ha my first post, one must take the plunge some time. So encouraged, I even commented on the blog of my local newspaper. Ha ha...there's no stopping me now!

Good news! My cousin, Marjon, and my aunt from Holland will be visiting the family for a week in late October. I am very excited! this is her second visit here. I will be dragging her to the LFQG Harvest of Quilts - Quilt Show 2006. And don't worry I'll be posting plenty of photos of the quilts I am submitting.

About the last 2 photos I posted: I was looking through my computer files of my quilt photos and I discovered there were not that many. I thought this was strange because I take photos of all my projects. But then I realized that most were taken before I owned a digital camera (yeah I know, there was a time when we used to develop long ago) and many my mom took with her camera (which is so much better than mine) and I don't have them in my computer. The 2 photos I did find were of baby quilts I made for 2 other cousins in Holland. They are sisters and both were adopting babies from other countries at around the same time. Linda and Dick adopted Alissa from China, and for them I made the Butterfly quilt from Quiltmaker magazine. Monique and Peter adopted Jesse from the Dominican Republic. I made him the Kite quilt from a Fons and Porter magazine. See photos, previous post.


christine said...

Love the beginnings of your "Spike"
quilt ! Can't wait to see the end result !

carol said...

Thanks Christine for your post! I was starting to feel alone out here. I can't wait til I see your blog too!

Tonya R said...

The best way to get comments is to comment on other blogs. You don't have to be part of a ring for that! It can take a little while, but it works and it's well worth it in the end.